Manual Transmission

In 2002 allied purchased the warner gear t18/t19 product line from Tremec of Mexico. Tremec had purchased the product line from Warner Gear in 1996 after a production run of almost 70 years – dating back to the ford model a truck. While the product line was best known as the manual transmission in ford trucks for 65 years, it was also used by Jeep, IHC and a wide variety of off highway manufacturers of sprayers, trenchers, street sweepers, drills and other equipment requiring manual transmissions. The t18 is still the only transmission offering a broad variety of options for shifters, clutch housings, ratios, brakes and drive configurations in North America.

  • T 18
  • Shift and Housing Kit
  • Synchros
  • Tops
  • The Original - Warner Gear Co Muncie, Indiana